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How We Meet Till How We Unite

Year 1 (2006) = Our story began in November 2005. It was started with an “angel” called “Mak Comblang” who is one of our best friend, Devi. Hi Devi… Thank you for being the person who we remember throughout our life. At that time, we were young, wild and free. Hmmm… This is the beginning of our story. He sent her a birthday greeting when her birthday moment. Since then, we started a relationship as friend and finally on November 10th 2005 we were officially in relationship and got together fulfilling each other’s dream till now and forever. Hehehehe
Year 2 (2007) = This year, he left the hometown to continue his study in the city of Medan. Most of the time we communicated thru phone till her mom was mad as she spent much credits for calling him all night long. Long distance relationship was one of our hardest obstacle. Lots of misunderstanding, suspiciousness, jealousy, arguments and fights. Long distance relationship is not easy but true love is worth it.

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